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Bowltech house balls er lavet af langtidsholdbar, hårdfør urethane-materiale. Resultatet af dette er, at vi har haft mindre end 0.1% returneringer i de sidste 15 år. Vi har for nyligt forbedret denne klassiker med en ny pearl finish. Pålidelighed og udseende – denne house ball har det hele!

Bowltech House balls

Bowltech house balls are made from a very durable and tough urethane construction. As a result we have had less than 0,1 % returns in the last 15 years. Recently we improved this renowned classic with a new pearl finish. Reliability and appearance, now this house ball has it all!


Wide bevels
For a comfortable grip

This house ball comes with a standard drilling but is also available in an undrilled version. The holes are drilled with wide bevels, for a more comfortable grip and to prevend your customers from getting cuts or blisters.

Colour-coded weights
For easy recognition

The house balls are colour coded for easy recognition. On top of that the weight indication is also engraved in the ball making it wearresistant for years to come.

Your favourite choice

  • Long-lasting , durable Urethane construction
  • Colour-coded weights, for easy recognition
  • Standard drilling for each weight
  • Glow-in-the-Dark feature
  • Less than 0.1% returns in 15 years
Available weights

6 lbs

7 lbs

8 lbs

9 lbs

10 lbs

11 lbs

12 lbs

13 lbs

14 lbs

15 lbs

16 lbs
Vægt 7 lbs
SKU 100-24-07
Color Yellow
Brand Bowltech
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