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Billiardbowlingkuglerne er perfekte for boutique-style bowlingcentre. De let genkendelige og ikonisk designede kugler tilføjer bestemt lidt ekstra til synet i det bowlingcenter, der stræber efter den unikke, genkendelige retrostil.

Bowltech Billard balls

The Billiard house balls are a perfect fi t for boutique-style bowling centers. The recognizable and iconic designed balls will certainly add extra flavour to every bowling center which strives for that unique and recognizable retro image.


Solid Urethane
Tough construction

The Billiard-style house balls are made from the same solid urethane construction as the Bowltech house ball. The double sided weight indication ensures a quick recognition and allows your bowlers to play more games.

Colour-coded weights
For easy recognition

The Billard-style house balls are colour coded for easy recognition. On top of that the weight indication is also engraved in the ball makingit wear- resistant for years to come.

Your favourite choice

  • Long-lasting , durable Urethane construction
  • Colour-coded weights, for easy recognition
  • Standard drilling for each weight
  • Less than 0.1% returns in 15 years
Available weights

6 lbs

7 lbs

8 lbs

9 lbs

10 lbs

11 lbs

12 lbs

13 lbs

14 lbs

15 lbs
Vægt 12 lbs
Color Multicolor
Brand Bowltech